So grateful to have found Stacey! I'm stronger in my yoga practice since working with Stacey. It's great knowing that I'm doing the poses right & l'm becoming more flexible, thanks to Stacey. I run a lot & always feel tight in my muscles..,but working with Stacey, I don't feel that anymore. Stacey is patient, hands-on & her yoga practice is amazing. Her knowledge is profound & I'm learning so much from her. I highly recommend Stacey..you & your muscles will be forever thankful! - Amy P.

She was really able to explain positions and provide helpful tips to beginners. Made us feel super comfortable with something new! - Katie C.

I had a private lesson with a group of friends on my property. Stacey is amazing. She worked every muscle in our bodies at a perfect rhythm, with plenty of breaks in between so we could catch our breath. Her approach is very tailored to the needs of a client and she was very adjustable with the group, giving us an appropriate amount of challenge. I have a pretty bad back and Stacey literally melts my pain away with the exercise she gives me. Highly recommend to anyone. - Yana M.

Stacey is an amazing instructor and her experienced has helped me with yoga that I never thought I would do! I highly recommend her! - Patti B.

As a beginner, I was looking to take private yoga lessons at my home to see if yoga was something that I would be interested in doing longer-term for general health purposes and to supplement my workout routine. I'm so fortunate to have found Stacey on Thumbtack - she is amazing! She is incredibly experienced and thoughtful. She makes me feel completely comfortable while challenging me to progress. I can't wait for my private sessions -- they have helped me focus and center. I just feel great afterwards and have much greater clarity overall. I would strongly recommend Stacy to anyone interested in yogo from a beginner to the experienced. It's been an awesome experience for me. Thank you Stacey!!! - Todd B.

Stacey is incredibly passionate about her yoga practice. When I first started working with Stacey, I immediately knew I was going to learn a great deal & was excited about the journey. Working with Stacey has given me knew found confidence in my practice. Stacey is patient, an amazing teacher & grateful I'm on this journey with her. - Amy D.

Through a kind referral, I started weekly private Yoga lesson with Stacey early last year. I found Stacey a true seasoned professional with very special insight and experience in both proper Yoga practice and understanding of the human body structure. Working with Stacey, I have truly learned to use many of my muscles and practice with accurate movement and positions. The one hour session usually flies by as the composition of the class is full of wonderful variations with spiritual flow. I have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years with quite a few different Yoga teachers. I sincerely believe Stacey is the best I have worked with.  - Poyee T.

Stacey is an excellent yoga instructor. She works remotely on Facetime, with a group of us (old people) 250 miles away, and personalizes our sessions with lots of patience. Her positive attitude and sincere interest in helping us is very much appreciated and enjoyed. She's the best. - Larry R.

I first began working with Stacey as a home yoga instructor when I was pregnant at which time I found out that she was also working as a Doula.  With hopes to have a natural birth, I knew having a doula to help guide and educate my husband and I would be vital.  Stacey was a wonderful fit for us.  She came to us twice prior to our birth to help us develop a birth plan and work through some pain techniques that we could use during labor as well.  On the big day, Stacey was on call and talked me through when it was time to leave for the birthing center and was right there by my side throughout the rest of labor and delivery.  She provided homemade chapstick and cooling clothes, was there to hydrate me and was there to coach me from beginning until I had my daughter in my arms.  She also then provided a follow-up debriefing a few weeks later so that we could process all that happened.  If a natural birth is your goal...or even perhaps if it isn't, I would highly recommend you consider Stacey! - Julie D.

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